How your private party will run…

All private parties are 2 1/2 hours, from start to finish and can be booked any day.

Please arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before your reserved time, as you will not be admitted to the play center early. Private parties are started once we have closed to the public and it takes time to have regular parties and admissions exit the center. Admitting you early makes it challenging to get other guests to leave. We can sometimes accommodate if you want to drop off some of your party stuff a little earlier. It depends on how busy we are at the end of the day. Please call ahead if you want to confirm if this is possible.

Sign in at the front counter. Each parent will have to sign in their child attending the birthday party. Parents are allowed to drop their kids off, only if the party parents are okay with supervising all the children. Adults that stay for the party are $5.00 each. It is up to the party parents if they want parents to stay or not.

We do not supply and food or drinks for the party. You can bring in any type of food or drinks that you want for free, but make sure to leave anything with nuts in it at home. We do not provide any meal utensils and it is up to you to bring what you need. For a fee of $9.99 we can supply white plates, napkins, cups and forks.

Any table in the play center can be used for your party. Once the kids are registered, they can come in and put their shoes and jackets at the front area.

No helium tanks, pinatas, glitter or confetti permitted in the facility. Decorations are not to be displayed on the walls or windows. Please display decorations on your party table. Helium balloons are welcome, just make sure you put a weight on them so they don’t get lost in the high ceilings.

You can have your meal when you want during your 2 1/2 hour time slot, but we recommend starting it after the kids have played for 60 minutes. This way you won’t run out of time. It is best to do the cake right after your meal since all the kids are already at the table. If they have extra time at the end, they can go back and play for a little more. If at any point you need the kids called down, we have a megaphone and can do this for you. It is a lot easier than rounding them up yourself!

When you have 10 minutes left, we will give you a warning and ask you to settle the remaining balance of your bill for the party. You are only charged for the number of children and adults that attend the party, not what number you booked for. We charge for any kids attending the party, including toddlers as they are using the play structure. Babies that the parents are holding during the party are free.

Make sure to give the kids their goody bags prior to their departure.

We take care of the clean up for the party. It is up to you to pack up what you are taking home, and we do the rest. The party parents are responsible to ensure all children exit the play center with the correct adult that is picking them up. Make sure that all your guests have left before you exit.

Please make sure that your party finishes on time. If you stay past your booking time, you will be charged a $50 late fee.

All kids and adults require socks to play. We recommend kids wear casual clothing as it is easier for them to navigate the playground. There is no washroom in the play center. The closest one is located across the food court where the fire alarm is. If any kids need to use the washroom, at lease one parent from the party must bring them there.